About Us

Gudanji For Country represents the interests of our Clan group, the Rrumburriya. We care for our Country as our ancestors have done before us. Our actions are deeply rooted in our culture and continue to be guided by our old people, especially our older women. Whilst we maintain powerful ties to our culture and follow our traditional laws and systems of governance, we understand the importance of successful engagement with broader society. Our family live out on Country and care for Country. We are Educators – combining traditional and modern education for our children in our community, as well as educating others, nationally, at a tertiary level. We also work in Healthcare, as Police officers and in Defence. We are Writers, Artists and Activists.


Our fight to protect Country has been a long one, since it was returned to us thirty years ago. Despite being recognised Traditional Owners for our Country, we have been side-lined by government and industry in matters affecting our Country. Despite actively seeking conversations with politicians at all levels of government, including attending and presenting to Senate inquiries, our voices are not being listened to. As a result, our Country has suffered the ravages of overgrazing and mining and now is under imminent threat from fracking – by companies such as Empire and Santos.


We understand the need to create greater community awareness of our struggle and draw upon their support: For we understand that our fight to protect our Country affects not only our Nation and adjoining Nations, but also the environment and health of all Australians and the global community. We are seeking support to halt fracking on our Country and across Australia as we move away from the use of fossil fuels towards an economy fuelled by renewable energy and focussed on protecting the environment we have left. As a grassroots First Nations group, who are currently feeling the direct effects of climate change and whose Country will be directly impacted by proposed fracking activity, we realise that this is our fight to fight and are ready to do the work.